With the recent daylight savings time change, some often ask how this affects the boating industry. The good news is that the change only affects those who usually go boating late in the afternoon. However, even then, losing an hour does not mean that you have to boat any less! The weather is perfect in South Florida and the Caribbean right now, so a ride far into the sea would be nothing less than the perfect event to celebrate the time change… or anything for that matter.

Many boat and yachting enthusiasts take advantage of the time changes each year to “reset” in many ways; taking family out for some time away, taking co-workers and employees out for re-invigoration, etc. The benefits of a leisurely boating experience help improve communication with those that surround you when you isolate yourself from the world in such an amazing environment. It improves your ability to determine and track goals and gives you access to a sense of freedom and adventure.

Yachting knows no age. Yachting simply requires relaxing. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this activity is loved by a wide range of persons, men and women, and young and old. Other than the usual list of boating necessities, the only thing you’ll need to bring for an evening celebrating Day Light Savings is the ones you love to surround you. Do not let an hour difference to affect your spirit of boating! Take your gear and get out there for some fun in the waters of the world. But, be careful. As you probably already know, yachting can become more than just an adventure. It can become a habit and a way of life.