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Strategic Marketing to Maximize Your Yacht's Income Potential

Vast Reach To Yachting Enthusiasts

With over 100,000 visitors to our website monthly, over 100,000 people in our email database, and a reach of over a half a million people each month on social media, the United Yacht Charter team has the marketing power to keep your yacht marketed all season long. We don't just rely on our sheer volume of boaters within our database. We make sure your yacht maximizes its full income earning potential by advertising it on as many MLS databases as possible and executing strategic campaigns that tantalize the potential client into booking a vacation with you.

Decades Of Experience In Yachting

With combined decades of experience in the yachting industry, the United luxury yacht charter team has the expertise, the connections, and the power of the United marketing machine to succeed in marketing your vessel. Marian brings over 15 years of charter expertise and Carlie and Mare reside in Fort Lauderdale, the yachting capital of the world, and are deeply engrained in the yacht community. The United Charter team also utilizes the vast network of over 175 United Yacht Brokers to market your yacht to their boat-buying clients.

Your Yacht's Presentation Is Everything

If there's one thing that United Yacht Charter agent Mare Kidd knows, it's the importance of a great presentation. As a chief stewardess on board a private mega yacht for many years, Mare believes in the importance of visually enticing potential clients. "They have to see themselves on the yacht, enjoying their vacation," says Mare. That's why United invests in high quality photography and videography, so that your yacht stands out amongst the rest and sets the standard for charter marketing.

Contact Mare at or at (954) 849-3709 regarding specialized yacht staging for photography and videography.

Your Yacht Digitally Disseminated Across The World

Each vessel enlisted into the United Yacht Charter Vacation Management program automatically goes into the vast network of charter websites all over the world. Once added to Central Yacht Agent (CYA), Charter Index, and the International Yacht Brokers Association Charter feed, your yacht will be seen on numerous charter websites. Our goal is to get as many people to see your yacht for charter as possible so we don't hold back on how many websites display it, even our competitors!

Strategic & Targeted Marketing Initiatives

From traditional print advertising to geo-targeted digital ads that invite specific clients to tour a 3d Matterport Virtual Tour of your yacht, United deploys many different types of strategic and laser-focused advertising. It's our job to stay on top of the latest technology and trends so you don't have to! The United Yacht Charter team can put together an individual plan to market your vessel to the right clients through email, google, social media, a vast network of content websites, custom-written content, and so much more.

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