The CEO and President of United Yacht Sales and his wife are cruising up the East Coast of the US for a few months aboard “Remedy”, a 36′ Island Packet. Here you will find some of their tales from the water. 
We finally made it to Savannah. What a busy river with an incredible current. We docked at the face dock across from downtown at the Westin.  The dock master really turned out the be a cute young girl who was the hotel concierge who really had no idea what the dock or a boat was all about.  The hotel itself was very beautiful and upscale and she told us all about the goodies available to us. We were ready to use all the amenities!! We started with showers at the spa.  Much needed after the city dock in Darien, GA, then we decided we needed a drink at the bar next to the golf course.
IMG_2124We were on our way! Then our “dock master” concierge called us asking if we could move the boat because a party boat was coming in..a big one.  She then said, they could move it for us….so we said yes, just walk it down the dock and tie it back up.  Well we headed back to to main hotel where our boat was docked only to find our boat slowly drifting to the middle of the swift river being held by a 100 lb concierge and a helper….neither knew a thing about boats and were hanging on the spring line and the boat was perpendicular to the dock!  With no one on the boat!  Chinese fire drill went into action with Peter and I jumping on board to start the engines to keep the boat from floating down the river by its lonesome self…..and of course the staff threw the lines into the water which was promptly sucked up by the boat thruster….so now no bow thruster and marks on the side and bow….Boating! …..but, considering, it could be a lot worse.  We were lucky. So a word to the wise, pick a dock with an experienced dock master or any dock master / helper for that matter!