If you have decided to take your dog on the boat with you then there are a few tips and tricks to make the ride for you and pup more enjoyable. Boating with your dog for the first time can be an unusual experience for both of you. It will likely be the first time that your dog has been confined to such a small area for a long period of time. The rest of this post will help you get a better idea of how to pull off a successful boating trip with your dog.

Boarding Steps For Your Pooch

When boating with dogs it’s important to start off on the right foot, literally. Boarding steps for dogs may sound simple, but never underestimate being safe. Physically getting your dog on board should be easy so that you don’t give up before you’ve even started. One of the easiest ways for poochy to board your boat – in and out of water – is by getting yourself a set of WAG boarding steps. These steps can be purchased online and are cleverly designed so that they can fit onto any type of boat. The steps are spaced perfectly to allow your dog to bound up and board the boat easily.

Plenty of Water

Just like you, your dog will need to stay hydrated with a supply of fresh drinking water. If you’re sailing on the ocean then you must make sure they aren’t tempted to drink the salt water, which actually causes dehydration. This could also make them sick and will probably put them off from boating forever. If you are boating on fresh water then this might not be as big of an issue, but it’s absolutely essential when you’re sailing at sea. It’s also a good idea to take some portable food and water bowls for your dog to use while on the boat. This makes their ability to consume the food and water a little easier. If you plan on making this a regular event than feel free to leave a supply of food and water bowls on board constantly so there’s one less thing to forget.

Dog Life Jackets

Again, just like you, dogs should have safety jackets and life preservers too. Dog life jackets are specially made to securely fit the form of a dog’s body. Dog life jackets are comfortable enough that they can be worn while cruising the open waters, but they fasten securely around your dogs body to keep them afloat just in case they fall overboard. Make sure that you buy the right size of life jacket for your dog to ensure maximum comfort and safety. Choosing the wrong size would make the dog more irritable and possibly cause them to try and get the jacket off. And if the dog’s life jacket isn’t on, what good is it?

Puppy Pads

One of the biggest hurdles you will encounter when you take your dog on a boating trip is letting pup go to the potty. This can be resolved by using puppy pads (and some time training). Pads can placed in an ideal spot on the boat to minimize mess. After some training, dogs pottying on their puppy pads keeps the water ways and your boat clean, and the evening enjoyable.

Boating with your dog can be a lot of fun for everyone. By following some of the tips and tricks above you can make sure that your extra member of the family has an enjoyable trip with you rather than being a nightmare you want to forget. Hopefully, by following these tips you will enjoy boating with dogs and want to take your best friend every time you set sail.