The boat show season for 2014 is finally here. With a wide range of shows hosted in different port cities, yachting enthusiasts are sure to be thrilled with what will be on display.

The Newport Boat show will be celebrating its 41st year this year. Fort Lauderdale, Florida will host the 55th international boat show between October 30th and November 3rd, 2014. The Annapolis boat show has three annual events; the spring sailboat show, held between 25th and 27th April, the sail boat brokerage show, held between 9th and 13th October 2014, and the Annapolis powerboat brokerage show which will be held between October 16th and 19th.

Boat brokers, buyers and sellers will have the chance to scope out, test, and take in some of the best watercraft on the market. United Yacht will also be participating at many boat shows this year. Our boat brokers can help you sell your boat for the most profit or purchase your next dream boat at the best bargains.

  • sport fishers
  • center consoles
  • runabouts
  • high performance boats
  • cabin cruisers
  • spiffs
  • flat boats
  • express cruisers
  • canoes
  • bow riders
  • ski boats
  • superyachts
  • and much, much more.

Sell A Boat

If you’re ready to sell a boat than you will the opportunity to showcase your beauty to the masses and increase your chances of selling.

Buy A Boat

The opposite is also true. As a buyer you will not only have an amazing selection of eye candy to window shop from, but you can even score big savings if you’re ready to buy a boat for sale at an amazing price. Boating and yachting is among the most relaxing, fulfilling and enjoyable experience you can have. A yacht cruise allows you to spend your time in the most luxurious of ways; drinking, eating, swimming and basking in the sun. Driving your boat across seas with a great view of marine life is sure to help you forget the hassles and stress of life. Cruising to distant coastal lands and waterways allows you to soak in the historical richness of the land or uniqueness of different cultures. It unlocks the fascinating appeal of spectacular landscapes and an array of divergent viewpoints. A perfect boating itinerary would begin at a vibrant hub in the seas, cruising in several waterways in the deltas while marveling at the spectacular aspects of the coast and enjoying its atmospheric serenity.

At boat shows you get to experience new advancements in sport fishing, watersports equipment, and boating luxuries. Boating is the best way to see the coasts, enjoying the tranquility of the water waves and cool breeze of the sea. When you want to enhance your vessel for next year’s holiday excursions or social gatherings you’ll find endless ideas at this year’s boat shows.