Take advantage of April Fool’s Day and pull on hilariously funny pranks on the boats as you sail with your fellow boat lovers. Here are some funny harmless pranks that you can pull to share some good laughter aboard your ship.

boating April Fools

  • One of the easiest and most common pranks is to wait for when your friends are gearing up or in an awkward position and then yell, “Hey, you got a fish on!”
  • You can tell those people who are on board with you that you like to test the brakes. When they start to give you doubtful looks you can drop it in reverse, bring the boat to an abrupt halt, and throw a perfect wall of water and watch as their eyes widen in amazement… and a look of “are you crazy?”
  • Finding fish could be made into a fun prank with newbies. As they are on board, put on a show by sticking your head out the window and taking a big whiff of air every once in a while. Then, close the window, resume sailing, and repeat the performance until they all ask what is going on and what are you doing. Answer to them that you are smelling for tuna and that they can smell too when you are far enough out in the water. Chances are; they will also start sniffing as you continue sailing. Then, ask them what in the world they are doing.
  • You can also tell newbies that one way to catch fish is to look for the “fart bubbles” made by the fish in the water. Many new sailers fall for this and start pointing at all of the “fart bubbles” that they see.

The list could go on, and our list was of the light-hearted type. It only takes some creativity on your part to pull pranks to everyone’s delight on your boat this April Fool’s.