The fourth of July is around the corner and it is time to start planning the celebrations. The nation’s greatest cities are putting on some exciting shows for those who want to make a day of it and are willing to travel for an extraordinary experience. In many cases, these crowds will assemble on riverbanks and in parks looking for the
best spot. But, why fight with the crowds for the same old view when you can enjoy watching fireworks from a boat and have a truly relaxing and memorable Independence Day? Here are five of America’s greatest pyrotechnic offerings for boat owners.

Lake Michigan

Vast expanses of water don’t come much bigger than Lake Michigan and fireworks displays don’t come much bigger than those at Chicago Navy Pier. The Pier is seen as one of best locations for fireworks in the country with their range of performances throughout the year, all timed to music, and a special celebration is being held on July 4th. Many cruise operators are offering two hour trips on the lake to see the show and the city, but the joy of watching from your own boat is that there is no time limit at all.

Charles River, Boston

Boston really knows how to put on a show with their national celebrations and the combination of the Boston Pops concert, the flyover, the cannon fire and the fireworks – which consists of 7 barges with 10,000 fireworks. This leads to a beautiful audio and visual spectacle. Watching these fireworks from a boat may limit the enjoyment of the Boston Pops, but it enhances the pyrotechnics as they rise from the Charles River and lets you avoid the 500,000 strong crowds from a unique, relaxing vantage point with family and friends.

Hudson River

For the past few years the Hudson River has hosted Macy’s gigantic fireworks display, but the 2014 event is being relocated back to its original location on the East River. This gives boat owners two options; you can follow suit and watch the traditional 40,000 pyrotechnics ascending from the barges by the Manhattan Bridge or you
can stay on the grand Hudson and celebrate with the rest of New Jersey as they start their own tradition at Liberty State Park. Surely, there is no better landmark to watch fireworks from than the Statue of Liberty.

Potomac River, Washington

Many patriotic Americans understandably believe that you just cant beat the chance to celebrate the nation’s independence in the glorious capital and watch the fireworks with one of the most iconic back drops of all. Naturally, the majority of these spectators will be revelling in the festivities further inland at the National Mall,
but there are plenty of other options. Watching fireworks from a boat is encouraged. Many cruise companies are selling tickets, but why pay for a cruise on the Potomac when you can enjoy the sights and sounds for free from your own yacht?

San Diego Bay

This last entry is one of the biggest of them all and is aptly known as the Big Bay Boom. Crowds are invited to bring their lawn chairs to the water’s edge. If you can avoid struggling for a comfortable view by hitting the water, than why not? There’s not many better opportunities for boaters to enjoy fireworks than while relaxing out on the water. Barges are being placed at Shelter Island, Harbour island, North Embarcadero and South Embarcadero and, as long as boat owners are respectful of the distance rules, they are free to watch from anywhere in the bay.