St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated every 17th day of March, is probably one of the liveliest holidays in America that is ironically originated from another country. It was in Ireland where St. Patrick introduced Christianity. He then became the patron saint of Ireland after his death.

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After a wave of massive migration from Ireland to America in the 1600s, the celebration of his feat is still very much alive and celebrated in style. Today, a lot of people, especially those of the Irish descent, look forward to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, imbibe, and enjoy various parades. Below is a list of the places to be to experience the best St. Patrick’s Day.
1. New York, N.Y. – As the most populous city in the U.S., the Big Apple takes pride in hosting the country’s largest St. Patty’s Day parade and celebration.
2. Chicago, Il. – Chicago’s parade is a just one of many celebrations during their Irish-themed weekend that involves participants dyeing the nearby river green.
3. Boston, Mass. – This is where the first parade of St. Pat’s day was ever held. As many as one quarter of all of Boston’s citizens with Irish decent attend.
4. San Francisco, California – From coast-to-coast, distance is never an excuse for Irish ancestry or Irish lovers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This includes those residing in the Bay Area. They rock a huge parade in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.
Did your city make the list? How do you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?