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photo of Vivien Tetelain, Professional Yacht Broker

Vivien Tetelain

Professional Yacht Broker

Vivien Tetelain was born along the French Riviera in South France and grew to be inspired by the Mediterranean Sea. He started sailing at 6 years old and soon could not hide his passion for the seas and boats.

Significantly influencing his career, both his grandfather and father served in the French Navy as submariners. Knowledge of the vessel, communication skills, information broadcast, training, duties, and seamanship are some of the disciplines an officer submariner must embrace and have seriously steered Vivien's direction.  Pride and accountability have been the staples of his foundation.

Vivien attained a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for the research institute IFREMER in Toulon, France the 1st naval manufacturer for the French Navy. Vivien’s knowledge stems from his family, his education, and his own experience.  He skippered sailboats in the Mediterranean at the minimum legal age, and captained his first yacht at 24 years old, he has successfully sailed across oceans, as a sailing instructor, and raced monohulls and multihulls.

“Today I combine all my expertise for a better purpose, as a yacht broker. In joining UYS I believe my skills can be an asset to my clients, in the most efficient way possible so we can maximize the time spent together searching for superior results."