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photo of Sean Stanton, Professional Yacht Broker

Sean Stanton

Professional Yacht Broker

Sean started boating at the age of 10 on his grandparent’s 1976 Browning Mustang II. His love for the water started right on that vessel. As a teenager he went up to his grandparent’s lake house as often as he could just to get a chance to take the Mustang for a spin. After moving to Florida Sean couldn’t stand to be away from the Mustang any longer and purchased his first boat at the age of only 23.

Sean graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Finance from Lynn University. From there, he started his career in the marine industry working as an Analyst for Boatsetter otherwise known as the “Airbnb for boat rentals.”

Throughout his career at Boatsetter, Sean has used his experience working with big data in finance to gain a macroeconomic picture of the boating industry. Sean has been constantly studying fluctuations in the industry and has personally spoken with hundreds of boat owners using Boatsetter’s services. Sean’s experience has given him personal insight into the needs of individual boat owners, along with a unique and detailed view of the industry as a whole.

In addition to working for Boatsetter, Sean founded and operates his own boat rental company in West Palm Beach. The company completed nearly $6,000 in revenue in the first two months of doing business. At the current rate, Sean anticipates that the company will complete between $80,000 and $100,000 in revenue for 2019.

When Sean isn’t working or out on the water, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find him on the golf course. Before doing business with prospective clients, Sean makes a point of trying to play a round with them at his club in Boynton Beach. He believes this is the best way to get to know his clients and understand their specific needs. Most importantly, he also gets the chance to show his clients the honest and thorough approach he will take with them, every step of the way.