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photo of Sam Mason, Professional Yacht Broker

Sam Mason

Professional Yacht Broker

Sam has lived in Brunswick, GA for about a year now and has been working as a Captain for a local Dolphin and Sunset Cruise Company. He graduated from Texas A&M University Maritime Academy in Galveston, TX in 2014 and received a degree in Marine Transportation. Sam sailed on a few large cargo ships right out of school before getting into yachting in 2016. He stayed in yachting until 2018 when Sam joined an Expedition Cruise Ship company in Alaska and worked his summers in Alaska and his winters in Costa Rica and Panama. When Covid hit, he left the cruise ship industry and briefly got back into yachting before settling down in Brunswick. Sam has worked on a wide range of yachts and ships and has a vast amount of experience maintaining and running them. When he is not working, Sam likes to refit and rebuild furniture and occasionally go fishing.