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photo of Ramon Chiang Hernandez, Professional Yacht Broker

Ramon Chiang Hernandez

Professional Yacht Broker

Ramon C. Hernandez has been an avid boater all his life and has grown up with a marine background. As is true of yacht brokers, Ramon grew up learning the yachting business from his father, who is a captain. Taking his first trip at age of 4, was when boating became his passion. He started his career as a crew member, then became a mate. He also has experience in managing yachts.

Ramon has sailed the U.S. East Coast from Florida to the northeast as well as South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Has acquired extensive knowledge on engines, systems, electrical, plumbing and design as well as a complete refits. As a licensed yacht broker, Ramon offers his clients the knowledge and service needed in successfully buying and selling of all types of yachts. He values each customer's interest in their boats and provide an honest, professional and personal service.