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photo of Matt Brockman, Professional Yacht Broker

Matt Brockman

Professional Yacht Broker

Matt Brockman was born and raised in Longwood, FL (just north of Orlando). He spent most of his life intrigued by the water. Whether it was surfing, fishing, or boats there was always something drawing him towards the water.

At 14, I had saved up enough money to buy his first boat and even though it was only a small Jon boat, the obsession had begun. Matt had stopped playing sports by high school as well to further pursue his fishing passions, taking part in many different local inshore fishing tournaments.

Matt went on to work at Boat Tune while in high school and participated in many different activities from moving boats around the yard to helping with re-powers and everything in between. After he moved on to college, where he studied economics and entrepreneurship, Matt decided to follow his true passion and acquired his 6-pack captain’s license. He then started his own fishing charter business.

While Matt worked many jobs in between, from construction, restaurants, and other side jobs, joining United Yacht Sales allows him to follow his passion for helping connect boat buyers with their dream boats.  He also understands the selling process for boat owners who want to sell or upgrade their existing vessel.