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photo of Marco Esposito, Professional Yacht Broker

Marco Esposito

Professional Yacht Broker

Born and educated in NYC speaking both French and Spanish. Coming from a premium hospitality background, Marco possesses a keen understanding of personal taste. He brings these skills to the yacht industry as a credentialed 100 Ton Master Captain. “Having a profound understanding of Bespoke Service allows me to really understand what my client is looking for.” Also coming from a real estate background here in Florida, I share a profound grasp of Ultra Luxury accommodations. From a perspective of cultural enrichment, Marco enjoyed a very successful career working with regional sales of ultra-premium wines for some very well-known wineries around the world. Working with High Net Worth individuals as well as top B2B clients in the hospitality and retail sectors. Marco is also a trained chef with a base in French and Mediterranean cuisine. If you are looking for someone with an understanding of the finer points of your personal taste, Marco is certain to be able to assist you in navigating those waters. Marco also has a passion for our ocean and water sports. “I am grateful for every day I am able to be on the water.” Marco is also a firm believer that wealth is well spent to enjoy the curative pleasures of our oceans.