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photo of Marc Jobin, Professional Yacht Broker

Marc Jobin

Professional Yacht Broker

Born and raised in New York, Marc started boating on the waters of Long Island Sound at the age of 3.  He spent his childhood summers sailing and fishing, from City Island to Block Island and beyond.  He bought his first boat, a 1965 Dorsett 16’ runabout, when he was 15 years old.  He spent his high school summers running yacht club launches and racing club boats in local regattas.  Whether for pleasure or work, Marc has been on the water his whole life!

In 1993, Marc earned his first USCG license (50 Ton Master’s), and has been actively licensed since.  He is now on his 6th issue license, and has upgraded to a 3,000 Ton Oceans Master’s and Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage, along with endorsements as Master of Sailing Vessels, Master of Towing Vessels, and Nautical Institute Unlimited Dynamic Positioning Operator.  He has spent the last twelve years working as a commercial captain in various capacities, ranging from vehicle and passenger ferries, to tugboats in New York Harbor, and most recently on dynamically positioned oil field supply vessels in the Gulf of Mexico and abroad.  Prior to returning to the maritime sector, Marc enjoyed a rewarding, 10-year career as an information technology project manager and developer for several large financial institutions in New York City.

Marc moved to Palm Beach in 2008 with his family, and he now joins United Yacht Sales as a yacht broker.  He is looking forward to continuing his career as a yacht sales professional with United, providing first class service to each of his clients, one boat at a time!