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photo of Mac Ui Myong Jung, Professional Yacht Broker

Mac Ui Myong Jung

Professional Yacht Broker

I was born in South Korea and moved to the United States to study yacht design at “Landing School of Boat Building and Design” after graduating from Naval Architecture Engineering at “Inha University”. I have a strong passion for recreational boats, so I decided to start my career by designing boats. I successfully mastered how to design and build boats while working at major yacht design and building companies such as Zurn Yacht Design, Bertram Yacht, and Sea Ray Boats in the United States for 11 years.

While I was working at the boat building company, I got approached by many Asian boat buyers for boat purchasing in US. After delivering a couple of boats to Asia, I realized that there are a lot of restrictions and barriers for international buyers to approach US market. As I really wanted boat buyers from overseas to benefit from the abundance and good quality of recreational boats in the United States, I decided to dedicate the last phase of my career life to helping boat buyers from all over the world, providing them with easier access to American boat market and good guideline to choose high quality boats by using my knowledge and experience of boat building and engineering.

Certifications: Bachelor’s in Naval Architecture Engineering, Inha University, Yacht Design in Landing School of Boat Building and Design, Naval Architect, Zurn Yacht Design, Structural Engineer, Bertram Yacht (Ferretti Group), Structural Engineer, Sea Ray Boats (Brunswick Group)

Mac Ui Myong Jung'S LISTINGS

photo of 36' Custom Impetus 36 2019

Impetus 36

36' Custom Impetus 36 2019

Miami Beach, Florida, United States

photo of 28' Custom Smart Cat 2020

28' Custom Smart Cat 2020

Miami, Florida, United States