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photo of Kenneth Healey, Professional Yacht Broker

Kenneth Healey

Professional Yacht Broker

Ken Healey has been around boats his whole life.  He has 12 years of experience running boats. During those 12 years, a lot of time was spent fishing. Fishing has been of passion of his from a very early age. He has fished many different places in the United States including New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Florida and Alaska. At age 18, he took his experience and started helping people transport boats where he was able to learn more about boats. On one of these trips, Ken was introduced to the yacht sales industry and since then his passion has only grown.

He is currently attending Quinnipiac University where he is studying entrepreneurship and completing his MBA in May of 2018. Ken has recently acquired his 100 Gross Ton Masters Captain’s license.

United Yacht Sales New Jersey Division