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photo of Keith Kuhlman, Professional Yacht Broker

Keith Kuhlman

Professional Yacht Broker

Although the son of a career Naval Officer Keith didn’t get his first taste of sailing until high school. After crewing on his best friend’s E Scow he quickly got the bug and bought his own wooden M-16.  “I was shocked when trying to commission the boat I started filling it with water and it leaked like a sieve!”.  Fortunately, it sealed.

In college Keith raced a number of small boats.  After a short career in the Air Force he got back to the water on a Hobie 16.  “That boat can be dangerous which makes it so much fun”.  Seeing his wife did not enjoy the “danger” aspects of Hobie’s we moved “up” to a Catalina 22 which we raced for 11 years.  While a great little boat the lack of a toilet was its doom.

After a move to his dream location on Lake Guntersville in Alabama he and his wife bought a Catalina 320 which solved the toilet issue.  “Now my wife is the “driver” and I get to pull the sheets”.

Recently, he was able to purchase a Helia 44 catamaran.  “That adventure in researching the various styles and performance ratings of catamarans has really opened my eyes on how you need to match your boating goals to a particular boat”.  He would like to do the same for you.