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photo of Jan Oldenboom, Professional Yacht Broker

Jan Oldenboom

Professional Yacht Broker

Growing up in upstate New York, Jan’s love for being on the water has remained with him throughout his lifetime.  He has owned everything from canoe’s, fishing and ski boats, to yachts. 

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Florida Institute of Technology (now Florida Tech) Jan went directly to work as a manufactures representative of capital equipment in the medical field.  Combining his experience with boating, he realized a need for a better air quality system for yachts and started his own business.  While expanding, he became not only a manufacturer but also a distributor of marine air quality systems.  He was also an advisory to an electronics distributor specializing in monitoring and control systems for yacht manufactures.

This multi-faceted experience enabled Jan to develop a set of skills and knowledge which segued into yacht brokerage.  Not only is he able to analyze and evaluate his clients’ vessels but also advise them accordingly.  As a result, Jan is a well-rounded, knowledgeable broker who enjoys working hard to accommodate his clientele, whether assisting them in buying or selling a vessel, and gets the job done in a professional manner.

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