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photo of Christopher Carson, Professional Yacht Broker

Christopher Carson

Professional Yacht Broker

"Chris Carson grew up spending every single day on the water from riding jet skis as a child to owning and operating his own personal vessels as an adult.  Chris has wife and two beautiful teenage daughters and has spent the last 25 years traversing the waters of the British Virgin Islands on bare boat family trips to exploring the crystal clear blue waters in the Bahamas on his own personal boat.  Having owned and operated his many of his own boats as well as employing crew of his own he has seen every aspect of boat ownership imaginable.  With these experiences he has learned about every pit fall and nuance from the purchase to the ownership and operational side of boating.  There is not a single aspect of boating that bothers him in fact, he embraces every part of it and has made many lifelong friends in the process and hopes to continue boating for the rest of his life."

Christopher Carson'S LISTINGS

photo of 75' Viking Princess Sport Cruiser 2004

Half Mine

75' Viking Princess Sport Cruiser 2004

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States