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photo of Cathy Cianfagna, Professional Yacht Broker

Cathy Cianfagna

Professional Yacht Broker

Cathy is an accomplished sailor, successfully completing over 3300nm in the Eastern Caribbean.  Growing up around lakes and boating, gave her an appreciation for the water.  This, coupled with her business management background, influenced her decision to go after bigger opportunities.  She purchased a 60ft live-aboard vessel to operate for vacation rentals which she managed successfully for 10 years, but then she took interest in the ocean. 

Cathy and her husband and three kids decided to sell it all and live outside the box.  They bought “Una Vida” a 47’ Robertson Caine Leopard and had the sailing adventure of a lifetime!  After a taste of the sea, the cruising lifestyle and learning all that managing a sea-worthy vessel entails, she developed a life long passion that she would like to continue to experience. 

One day she and her family will cruise off into the wild blue again, but for now she wants to help others start an adventure of their own and be part of their story.

“Dream big, take a chance, have adventures… you only have One Life to live”.