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photo of Alek Loudakis, Professional Yacht Broker

Alek Loudakis

Professional Yacht Broker

Alek fell in love with the ocean at the young age of 9 after moving from Texas to Florida . He
grew up fishing with his father off the coast of Stuart, with frequent trips to the Bahamas, and
the Florida Keys. Through middle school Alek would frequently be dropped off on the local party
boats to fish, and begin cutting his teeth on his newly found passion. He soon began working on
these party boats through high school and even sometimes through college, when time allowed
it. In his spare time he became an avid fisherman, diver, and spear fisherman, but soon school
took its toll on Alek’s ocean time. Alek soon moved to Orlando to attend UCF. Alek earned his
Bachelors degree in Business while bar tending, serving, and working outside sales jobs. Then,
shortly after, he obtained his Real estate License. He became a successful realtor, but all the
while, the ocean and fishing called his name. Alek decided to start freelancing on boats, after
moving back to South Florida and continuing realestate. He worked part time with preventative
maintenance companies, charter boats, private sport fishing programs, and motor yachts, and
before he knew it, he had enough days at sea for his 100 ton masters Captains license. After
that, it didn't take long for Alek to ditch Realestate and pursuit his true passion.
During the market crash, in 2008 , Alek decided to move to western Samoa. There he would
take a Job with a Blue Marlin fishing Charter program, on a one year contract. He was tasked
with rehabilitating the boat and company, after a Tsunami, and a Cyclone, trashed the Island of
Upolu. There he would succeed in helping to get the boat and company back up and running
again. His next job was to recruit a local to train as mate to take over his job. Over the following
months, the program went on to set the national Samoan all tackle record for blue marlin twice,
with one being, “The Grander.” The local kid’s first blue marlin to wire was over 1000 lbs, and
as he succeeded, Alek knew that he had too. Alek even somehow ended up with 5 minutes of
fame on the TV show Survivor Samoa One World as well, after they chartered a neighboring
boat he was helping. However, that is another story, among others Alek has to tell.
After a successful mission in the South Pacific, Alek moved back to his home town in 2011 and
started his Captain/mate services Company. Over the past decade, Alek has worked for, and
still sometimes works for , both marine towing rescue and salvage companies, multiple party
boats, charter boats, private sport fishing boats and motor yachts. He works as a relief Captain
for many that trust him and his capabilities. He also managed to acquire a Fire and Medic
certification along the way, but still just couldn't stay off the water. Alek will always be a hard
working Captain, and has recently upgraded to his 200 ton masters Captains license, started a
delivery and maintenance company, and obtained his yacht brokers license. Captain Alek is a
well rounded, seasoned waterman, that is very happy to be focusing all of his life skills, and
maritime knowledge , into the industry that he loves. He is fun, easy to get along with, and can’t
wait to help you find the right vessel for you and your family.